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Complete Guide to Online Roulette Gambling

guide complete playing roulette online

Complete guide to online roulette gambling is necessary for those of you who are beginners and want to play roulette online.

The game of roulette gambling has existed since ancient times. It’s just that at that time it was only available from games that used machines.

Not only roulette, but slot games were also played in ancient times with machines.


Essential things to consider while playing at the machines!!

Starting from a scientist Blaise Pascal who experienced a failed experiment, Blaise Pascal tried to challenge the laws of physics by finding a machine that could spin without the help of power.

It was accidentally discovered by a group of young people who were obsessed with creating a game.

The young people then created a spinning wheel filled with numbers and made the ball roll inside.

10 Types of Bets in Roulette Gambling

The game of roulette is very simple and easy to play. Today, we often find this game on Bolapedia which is an official gambling site that offers roulette games.

Here are 10 types of roulette betting games

  1. Single

    A bet to choose only one number where you will be paid 1 in 35 if the ball comes to rest at the number you choose for this bet.

  2. SPLIT

    A bet to select two numbers on the roulette betting table. However, it should be noted that the numbers that can be selected are numbers that are located next to each other or directly adjacent. The pay ratio is 1 to 17.


    A bet to choose 3 numbers as if forming a stretch of road. You can choose 3 consecutive numbers on the roulette betting table with a payout of 1 in 11.


    Basically, this bet is the same as street betting but is done with twice the intensity where you can choose 6 number bets according to the number selection rules on the street bet. The payout ratio is 1 to 5.


    Unique bet by choosing 4 betting numbers on the roulette table. These numbers should be located close to each other and close to each other to form a square or square pattern that is intended. The payout for this bet is 1 in 8.

  6. DOZEN

    Bet to choose 12 numbers or a dozen numbers according to the name of the bet. There are 3 choices in a dozen numbers to choose from in total, namely 1 to 12 for the first set, 13 to 24 for the second set, and 25 to 36 for the third series. The payout for this option is 1 in 2.


    Like a dozen bets to choose 12 numbers, in the column bet you choose 12 numbers too, but in a betting table format that is arranged in a 3 x 12 style. You can choose one of these 3 columns for the same pay as a dozen, namely 1: 2.

  8. RED or BLACK

    This bet is a bet to choose one of the options, namely red numbers or black numbers. In numbers 1-36 or from 36 numbers in roulette gambling, it consists of half black numbers and half red numbers that you can install. If you place red and the roulette ball falls on number 7 which is a red number then you will win a bet with a payment of 1 to 1.

  9. ODD or EVEN

    Like betting red or black, this bet is to choose an even or odd number with a payout of 1: 1 as well

  10. HIGH or LOW

    And the last type of bet with mechanisms such as odds or even and red or black is roulette small big bet. Numbers 1 through 18 are low and numbers 19 to 36 are high numbers. The pay ratio is 1 to 1

Roulette Gambling Tips

In playing roulette online, make sure you use a trusted Bandar Judi Casino and have an official license. By playing on the official gambling site, it will certainly benefit you later. Besides that, you don’t have to worry about your winnings not being paid off.